Complementary Color Wheels


6th grade created color wheels using tempera paint in the primary colors. First, they drew two color wheel layouts on 12×12″ paper by finding the center of the paper, using a compass to draw a circle, and measuring to divide the circle into 12 even sections.


Then, they used the primary colors to mix and paint the proper colors on both wheels, which involves plenty of critical thinking and training of the eye to recognize subtle differences between hues!


When finished painting, students worked in their visual-verbal journals to brainstorm words that describe them, selecting a few to represent with visual symbols.


Once students settled on a symbol, they created a stencil using recycled tag board and traced the stencil on each color of one of their completed color wheels.


Students learned about the eye-popping, high-contrast effects of complementary colors, and then cut out those 12 symbols and attached them to their complement on the second color wheel.


They make a pretty stunning display! Huge thanks to our awesome PTA for these new bulletin boards at the Powers Ferry Campus.



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