Free Art Friday Is Coming!


NJAHS is gearing up for our annual Free Art Friday event on 5/6/16! Free Art Friday is an international movement. Artists in cities all over the world make artwork of all sorts, drop it in a public place, and tweet a photo–then the hunt is on! Check out #FAFATL on Twitter to see what Atlanta Free Art Friday artists are dropping, and this great mini-documentary about a few of our most sought-after artists to learn more.


NJAHS students developed their own Free Art Friday “personas” and created limited-edition stenciled art pieces that will be hidden all over both campuses on 5/6/16!



We also had the great fortune to host Catlanta, one of Atlanta’s most coveted Free Art artists. He came & talked to students about how his love for exploring the city developed into the Catlanta project, and brought his kitten cut-outs for students to design!




These Catlanta collaborations will be part of our Free Art Friday hunt, too–keep your eyes peeled!


Finally, this week students printed their own tees to commemorate and promote the event. We screen-printed the backs, and on the front, students used freezer paper stencils to print their personal Free Art designs. More on these later, they came out great!